Brought the opportunity to grow the business and expand. Bringing on business management and opening the doors to an increased sales force, JCAR provides opportunities for personal and professional growth, while increasing market share and creating expansive goals for the years to come. 

JCAR Logo Gear is about creativity, fun, and a truly positive experience. We are amateur by choice as that allows us to think outside of the box of professional restrictions. Your business is our business. Your thoughts combined with our imagination and resources can create an endless potential for growth.

From event marketing and promotion to customer satisfaction and employee retention, having the right concept of 'gear' is essential to your success. What usually begins as a small spark in someone's mind can easily evolve into an all out explosion of creativity and success.


Still experiencing tremendous growth, to the point we are opening a new production facility and have started hiring a sales force. Check Scott out!!

About jcar logo gear


Increased annual sales by 400% and broke into the York and Cumberland counties educational athletic scenes.





Incorporated the business into an LLC Partnership, and opened the store at 2474 N George St.

You HAVE to check it out!!


JCAR Logo Gear spawned from the creative genius of Andrew Rohrbaugh in late 2010, and has built its reputation on customer service, outside the box thinking, random brilliance, and a commitment to quality, creativity, and service.

Q: What is your turn around? 
A: Commonly from the time we take your order/payment till the time we ship is 5-10 business days. When you receive a quote we generally will give you an idea when it would be produced as well.

Q: What are the minimum orders? Do I have to get them all the same size and style?
A: While we do not employ a minimum order, the pricing for screen printed items is based on a minimum order of 24 pieces. You can split this up between sizes, apparel colors, apparel types, as long as ink color(s)/print location(s) stay the same across all garments. For smaller orders we will look to embroider, or vinyl heat press as decoration methods. For creative marketing, and promotional products, minimums are based on the manufacturing vendors established quantities, and may vary between products. PS...keep an eye out for potential LASER DECORATION coming soon!!

Q: Are your shirts pretty good quality?
A: Yes! We don't use budget T's unless you request them! We will try to accommodate your budgetary needs with the best quality product(s) we can use. We love to buy local, in order to support the economies surrounding us, but will certainly extend our reach to ensure you are getting exactly what you require.

Q: What else can you print on?
A: T-shirts (short sleeve/long sleeve), Hoodies, ‘Garage’ Workshirts, Ladies Tank Tops, Girlie Fit T’s, Jackets, Aprons, Tote/Gym Bags, Pens, Drinkware, Headwear, Business Cards, Promotional Pieces, and more. Get creative, we can most likely put your logo on it! (Just found out we can decorate CrockPots...I mean, who doesn't want a custom logo'd CrockPot?!?)

Q: I have a quote from a competitor, can you meet or beat it? 
A: We can sure try, but make sure you have all the specifics and give us all of that so we can compare apples to apples (shirt brand/weight/model/qty/sizes/price per/shipping/tax/etc). We can promise you that we will certainly NEVER simply just beat the price you are given, as that does not breed any loyalty, or reflect the level of customer service we employ. We will offer you the best quality we can, at the price level you are looking for, and make sure you are taken care of for your project, whether we produce it, or bend to the price you already have. Your success is our highest priority.

Q: Can you do all over decoration?
A: This is not an item we currently do in-house, but do have DOMESTIC partners that can do full sublimation on a variety of products to fit your bill.

Q: We need a lot of items, can you handle it? Can you be competitive? 
A: Sure can! We have been known to be able to include shipping to your door cheaper than your local shop can do it in high volume. You may be surprised. 

Q: I'm in a rush, can you turn my stuff around very quickly?
A: That always depends on what's already on our plate, however, many times we can make it happen. We have been known to turn around orders very quickly if the customer is in a rush and has the correct files. It never hurts to ask, as long as you understand that we may not be in a position to pull off miracles!

Q: I want to have my design placed on a few different color shirts, can you do that.
A: No problem at all as long as the ink colors stay the same. We can even change ink colors (wash out screen/dry/reset press). However there may be a fee for ink change.

Q: Can you ship over seas?
A: Not nearly as quickly a we can ship up the street, but we definitely can! We ship via UPS or USPS, whichever gives you the best value and ensures your particular products are handled as safe as possible. Generally USPS is the best.

Q: The design I want to use is rather offensive, do you mind doing it?
A: Nope, heck we might even have a suggestion on how to make it even worse! IF you can't have fun doing it, you should probably be doing something else...just sayin. We like to laugh, and celebrate those who do also. We will be cautious about certain things, but we're sure it's nothing a good conversation can't resolve.

Q: Ink color looks slightly different than what it looked like on the computer screen proof. 
A: We do not guarantee color matching. Without getting too technical, the little dots of light on your screen are different than the solid ink, or thread colors being used to create your products. Closest color is almost always used. If you have an exact color of ink you want us to use please let us know (brand/model/PMS Color  *this may incur additional costs*).

Q: Where (locations) can you decorate on my clothing?
A: Left chest, center chest, , full front, either side of body, upper back, middle back, lower back, upper/lower offset back, and sleeves....lots of places! And that is just on apparel...

Q: I want a different brand of shirt than what you generally use, can you get them? 
A: Yup, just let us know what brand and we will work with you to get it. 

PS - Most of this text was stolen(with permission) from inkdisorder.com and then modified to fit our approach, but you should check them out. They have a creative, edgy flare we can appreciate.