Increased annual sales by 400% and broke into the York and Cumberland counties educational athletic scenes.

JCAR Logo Gear is about creativity, fun, and a truly positive experience. We are amateur by choice as that allows us to think outside of the box of professional restrictions. Your business is our business. Your thoughts combined with our imagination and resources can create an endless potential for growth.

From event marketing and promotion to customer satisfaction and employee retention, having the right concept of 'gear' is essential to your success. What usually begins as a small spark in someone's mind can easily evolve into an all out explosion of creativity and success.



Brought the opportunity to grow the business and expand. Bringing on business management and opening the doors to an increased sales force, JCAR provides opportunities for personal and professional growth, while increasing market share and creating expansive goals for the years to come. 


Incorporated the business into an LLC Partnership, and opened the store at 2474 N George St.

You HAVE to check it out!!

About jcar logo gear


JCAR Logo Gear spawned from the creative genius of Andrew Rohrbaugh in late 2010, and has built its reputation on customer service, outside the box thinking, random brilliance, and a commitment to quality, creativity, and service.